Sunday, August 07, 2011

After 6 weeks of the CFL season...

...the team that began the year as the "worst" is now the "best."

Can Winnipeg continue its run? Time will tell.

For now, here are the power rankings for this week (with last week's ranking in parentheses):

  1. Winnipeg (2), 5-1: From worst to best in seven weeks. Week 7 at British Columbia.
  2. Edmonton (1), 5-1. The injury to Fred Stamps makes the Eskimos vulnerable. Week 7 at Montreal.
  3. Montreal (4), 4-2: Got a problem? Play Toronto. Problem solved. Week 7 vs Edmonton.
  4. Calgary (5), 4-2. Perhaps now that the Stamps have figured out how to win at home they will begin to play with consistency. Week 7 at Saskatchewan.
  5. Hamilton (4), 3-3. With the exception of Stala, every other TiCats receiver is named Who. Week 7 vs Toronto.
  6. British Columbia (8), 1-5. Not sure how much of a roar exists when the first win is against Saskatchewan; however, for the Lions, this is a start. Week 7 vs Winnipeg.
  7. Saskatchewan (6), 1-5. Still trying to figure out how this team beat Montreal? You are not alone. Week 7 vs Calgary.
  8. Toronto (7), 1-5. Five straight losses. Not good at all. Week 7 at Hamilton.

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