Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An approval rating of 19%

If you are a politician, then an approval rating is an important barometer of what the public thinks of you.

The mayor of Pittsburgh enjoys (if that's the correct term) an approval rating of 19%. That's right, less than one in five people is in favor of how he's doing. KDKA-TV reporter Jon Delano reported the story.
In Pittsburgh, only 19 percent of city residents approve the mayor’s performance — with 48 percent disapproving — and 33 percent have no opinion.
Outside the city, 20 percent approve of Ravenstahl’s conduct — 45 percent disapprove — and 35 percent have no opinion.
Ravenstahl gets his best approval ratings from those who live more than a hundred miles from Pittsburgh.
Some 31 percent of those who don’t live nearby approve his work — 21 percent disapprove — and 48 percent have no opinion.
If Pittsburgh had two strong political parties, then the mayor might have to seriously worry about whether he would be able to remain in office beyond the next election. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh has been dominated by one party -- the Democrats -- for about one-million years. If a Republican had a chance to win the mayoral office, then the politics in this city might be a bit more interesting than it is.

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