Sunday, August 28, 2011

As the academic year at Point Park University begins...

...I wonder what it has in store.

This year, just like each that has preceded it, is sure to have its surprises -- the student who gets the internship that was unexpected; the colleague who finds an intriguing research opportunity; or a trend in higher education that few predicted are some of the many possibilities.

This year also will have its so-called repeat events -- watching students moving from 'I think I can' to 'I know I can'; students sitting in faculty offices taking stock of why they are majoring in some form of communication; and writing those letters of recommendation are going to happen.

This academic year is different for me on a couple fronts. First, after consecutive years of having one-year administrative appointments, I return to the faculty ranks. Those administrative experiences were invaluable and I appreciate that the School of Communication's Founding Dean, Dr. Tim Hudson, afforded me the chance to serve in those roles. I hope I represented the School well.

Second, I have assumed the co-editorship of the academic journal Electronic News. The two men who founded the journal -- Charlie Tuggle and Bob Papper -- invited me to serve as book editor for two years before offering me the co-editorship because of Dr. Tuggle's decision to step back from his role. Needless to say, this opportunity has rekindled the research fires that often get cooled while serving in administration.

And so, the new academic year begins. Who knows what kinds of stories will be written between now and early May, when commencement signals the end of the 2011-12 academic year.

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