Thursday, August 18, 2011

Conan O'Brien isn't funny...

...and the ratings for his program also aren't.

The Wall Street Journal reports today that Conan O'Brien's first season as a talk-show host on TBS has been a ratings disaster.
"We want TBS to be a leading comedy brand," Steve Koonin, president of Time Warner's Turner Entertainment Networks, which includes TBS, said in an interview. The company is still working on fleshing out its strategy. "How we get to that destination we don't have 100 percent mapped out today," Mr. Koonin added.
TBS canceled "Lopez Tonight" last week citing poor ratings and a lack of profitability. The show's nightly audience fell by 40% in its second season to about 546,000 people.
The audience for "Conan," has fallen from about 2.4 million in the show's first month on air in 2010 to roughly 958,000 people this past July, according to Nielsen Co. data.
Mr. O'Brien trails all major competitors on broadcast and cable during his 11 p.m. time slot. In certain weeks, he's also fallen behind newer faces such as Chelsea Handler.
If TBS is consistent, then O'Brien would have to face the same fate as Lopez, should the ratings for O'Brien's program not improve in season two. That would be funny.

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