Monday, August 22, 2011

Here they come

On paper, the fall semester at Point Park University starts in one week.

In reality, it started today.

Those familiar big red carts loaded with clothes, computers, lamps and other stuff that fills up university dorm rooms and apartments are all over the Point Park University campus. And considering that the big move in day is Wednesday, today is just a precursor for what is to come.

The occasional student reunion accompanied the move in, but almost everyone I saw today had at least one parent assisting in the move. One father who rode an elevator told me that today was his first experience as a "good for moving dad;" and when he learned how old our boys were, he jokingly told me that I had a few fun days ahead of me.

As I see the faces of those moving in, I can't help but also see the faces of those who have graduated. It seems the longer I stay in higher education, the quicker a student moves from an incoming freshman to an outgoing graduate.

How does that happen?

And so I reminded myself today that the young people moving in today will be moving out (permanently) in about five minutes.

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