Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A journalist with a bias?

As my wife and I drove along today, we heard an interview being conducted by (name deleted to protect any embarrassment for him/her), who works for (organization deleted to protect its credibility).

The interview was being done with the deputy mayor of London and focused on the recent unrest in that city stemming from a police shooting.

At one point in the interview (name deleted again) asked the deputy mayor if there was any concern -- get ready for this -- that the police actions to clamp down on the protesters and restore peace would damage the long-term relationship between the protesters and the police department.

I can't make this up.

(Name deleted) appeared sincere as he/she asked the deputy mayor if he was worried that the thugs who had been causing unrest would be further upset (and therefore have their interactions with the police remain tense) because law enforcement was trying to put the protests to rest.


As much as I like (news organization deleted again), I often turn off the radio when (name deleted) is hosting the popular afternoon-news program because his/her blatant liberal slant on news and events can neither be ignored nor tolerated by me.

My wife and I grumbled, reminded each other that journalistic bias appears in various forms, and waited for the next story.

Was there concern that the protesters would be upset? Seriously?

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