Friday, August 19, 2011

Kabul blast

Additional details are now available following a late night (U.S. EDT) attack in Kabul.

As the Associated Press reports, the Taliban has claimed responsibility for a series of suicide bombings that have killed at least 10 people.
The dead included eight Afghan policemen, a security guard whose nationality was not immediately known and an Afghan municipal worker, according to Kabul police official Farooq Asas. Two of four people wounded in the blasts were not Afghans, he said.
Two British nationals and one South African were inside the compound during the attack, but were later rescued by an elite Afghan unit, British Ambassador to Afghanistan Sir William Patey told a press conference.
“This was a dastardly, cowardly attack designed to attack British interests, but ultimately ending in the deaths of many Afghans and we regret the death of the Afghans,” Patey said, adding that the attack was over.
The attacks were aimed at the British Council, and they took place on Afghanistan's independence day. The New York Times notes there were at least five suicide bombers.
The attacks included five suicide bombers and apparently began when a bomber drove a truck to the entrance of the British Council compound, detonating the vehicle and killing two security guards, General Salangi said. Another suicide bomber approached the gates and detonated himself before entering the compound.
Three more suicide bombers managed to enter the compound; one was killed initially, but the remaining two fought security staff until about 2 p.m., General Salangi said.
Minutes after the remaining bombers were killed, however, more gunfire was heard and a battle appeared to be continuing.

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