Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mother Nature

Watching various news reports as Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene continues its assault on the U.S.' eastern seaboard, I am reminded just how magical she is.

Yes, at moments such as this -- when Mother Nature's wrath is on display -- appreciating what she can do might seem illogical. (And, sure, it's easy to write that now while I'm in sunny Pittsburgh.) However, seeing the pounding surf, high waves and intense rain, I see nature's beauty at work.

My wife and sons (I think) chuckle every time a thunderstorm hits where we live because it doesn't take long for me to step out onto our small, covered porch and feel the wind and the rain, while listening to the thunder and watching for the lightning. (Yes, when it gets too close, I head inside!)

You'll recall that two winters ago the so-called "snowmaggedon" hit western Pennsylvania and many areas around it. Though my back certainly didn't enjoy digging out from it, I enjoyed the white wonderland that effectively shut down this part of the state for a couple days.

If I have one gripe with Mother Nature, it's heat. I'm not a summer person -- heat and humidity leave me drained and feeling uncomfortable. I say that knowing full well that my wife relishes the warm, sunny days that make up summer. Good for her; you can give me a crisp 50 degree day and I'm quite content!

Yes, over the next couple days, we're going to be reminded of Mother Nature's fury. But in all that energy, I see reasons to appreciate and admire her.

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