Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Putin Army...now has a few Connies

The number of pretty, young women willing to show off (almost everything) in their support of Russia's prime minister Vladimir Putin is growing.

Mr. Putin hasn't indicated he will run for the presidency of Russia, but that's not prevented pro-Putin videos from being released.

The latest one provides a look at a group of women indicated that it is willing to be Putin's "Connie" -- the name of Mr. Putin's dog. (I can't make this up.)

You'll recall (whether you want to is another story) the first video -- which introduced The Putin Army --

also provided ample evidence that at least a few young Russian women were prepared to rip off their clothes to show...(hey, the thought that was running through your head is not nice. Stop that!)...their support for the prime minister.

At least one Moscow-based journalist says the feeble attempt to use sex as a means to promote Putin is symptomatic of a country lacking any fundamental political culture. Writing in The Moscow Times, Victor Davidoff suggests:
As for “the development of a multiparty system” and democracy, United Russia [which is Putin's party] already established a precedent in what party functionaries are now calling “primaries.” Theoretically, the goal of these primaries is to nominate candidates to be on the party’s electoral list. But in practice, information from several regions shows that people are voting for lists that have already been approved from above. And even this is being done with a variety of procedural violations. As one of the leaders of the democratic opposition, Ilya Yashin, summed up in an interview with Ren-TV: “In all its work, United Russia uses the technique of imitation. It imitates activity in the parliament, it imitates intraparty discussions, and now it’s imitating intraparty democracy.”
Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev believes much the same thing. As the Christian Science Monitor notes, Mr. Gorbachev told the German news magazine Der Spiegel that believes that Mr. Putin cares little for democratic ideals. 
"Putin wants to stay in power, but not to resolve at long last our most pressing problems, such as education, public health, and poverty," said Gorbachev. "United Russia [the party led by Putin] wants to maintain the status quo, there is no progress. They are pulling us back into the past, while the country urgently needs modernization.
"People are not consulted, and parties are mere puppets of the regime," he added.
Of course, some of those people are young and female, and selling an image that Mr. Putin is worthy of almost rock-star status.

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