Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quite a leader, that Qaddafi guy is

When the going gets tough, Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi runs like a coward.

A blunt assessment? Sure. But give me any evidence you have to tell me I'm wrong.

Qaddafi has not been seen publicly in weeks, but he has resorted to delivering belligerent, yet pleading, messages to anyone who will listen. And PBS reports he delivered another one this morning.
Despite most of Tripoli believed to be in rebel control, Moammar Gadhafi broadcast a defiant message Wednesday calling for "martyrdom of victory," one day after his Bab al-Aziziya compound was overrun by opposition fighters. Gadhafi's whereabouts remain unknown.
Rebel fighters were fighting to control the road to the city's international airport and consolidate their gains amid pockets of resistance from government troops. According to a spokesman, four rebel fighters were found executed near the airport. At least seven mortars were launched into the compound by government troops after the rebels took control.
Outside of Tripoli, Gadhafi still has sizable support in the cities of Sirte and Sebha, where fighting has been reported this week.
But it's the fact that is whereabouts are unknown that makes this weasel quite the leader. Oh, yes, I know what you are thinking -- 'if that many people wanted me dead, I might run for the hills, too.' Sure. But that's not what a leader does.

The storyline from Libya is quite fluid; yes, the National Transitional Council is rapidly taking control of key cities, facilities, roads and other locations. In such an uncertain situation, any morsel of news becomes heightened and perhaps a bit more than it should.

So, with al-Arabiya reporting (via Twitter) that : A foreign journalist held inside Rixos hotel: Qaddafi forces have withdrawn from the hotel, there will be increased conversation that the forces loyal to Qaddafi are quitting.

If they have -- and let's be clear that there is absolutely no indication of this -- then Qaddafi might be quit to call them cowards (and worse). Let's hope he's looking in the mirror when he makes that assertion.

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