Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Taliban strike against British offices in Afghanistan (3x UPDATED)

3rd UPDATE: 11:25 p.m. EDT: The British government confirms that the British Council office and its guest house in Kabul were attacked.

Meanwhile, Reuters reports it has spoken to a representative of the Taliban and he admitted that organization is responsible for the assault.
The Taliban sent bombers to British aid offices and a United Nations compound in the Afghan capital on Friday, spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said by telephone from an undisclosed location.
2nd UPDATE: 11:16 p.m. EDT: Steve Clemons is a U.S. journalist in Kabul. He is attempting to live tweet the situation in Kabul. In one of his tweets, he states: : Three bullets fired at me on hotel roof. Two almost hit. Major machine gun fire now very nearb”

1st UPDATE: 11:02 p.m. EDT: I am watching al Jazeera, which reports 4 people have been killed in the explosions, though the Associated Press says the death toll is 3.

A BBC producer in Kabul has stated in a tweet that there was a third suicide bomber: Third suicide attacker detonated his suicide vest.Attackers using potent type of explosives including TNT: Afghan intel

ORIGINAL POST: Late tonight  (U.S. EDT), multiple bombs went off in the Afghan capital city of Kabul.

AFP suggests there were two suicide bombings, noting:
"There have been two suicide explosions. My boys are engaged I will give more information later," Kabul police chief Ayub Salangi said on Friday after witnesses reported hearing blasts and gunfire.
Two explosions were heard within about 10 minutes of each other around 5:45am local time, along with sporadic gunfire.
The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attacks, which come on Afghanistan's independence day.

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