Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Texas A&M moves closer to saying "see ya, y'all" to the Big 12

The clock that represents how much time Texas A&M has left in the Big 12 Conference is about to strike midnight.

The signs that the university is planning to exit the conference (and likely seek to join the SEC) are everywhere, and as ESPN reports the announcement could come this week.
Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin had a phone conversation with Missouri chancellor and Big 12 Conference board chairman Brady Deaton on Monday night about his university's desire to withdraw from the conference, a Big 12 source confirmed to ESPN's Joe Schad on Tuesday.
Texas A&M could send its formal, written letter of departure as early as this week, the source said. The only holdups are threats of litigation by Big 12 members and the need to clarify exit fees.
A university spokesperson earlier today denied that an exit letter was sent to conference leaders, but the tenor of the conversation suggests the message is "no, we might not have sent it today, but we very well could be sending it tomorrow."

The Associated Press reports that Big 12 leaders are already scouting out possible replacements for Texas A&M. One school has made its interest public -- SMU. There is no certainty that only one school would be added; the conference leadership could opt to return to 12 teams by offering invitations to three schools.

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