Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Week 7 CFL Power Rankings

Winnipeg remains at the top of the CFL power rankings this week, but the previously high-flying Edmonton Eskimos are in a notable slide.

Here are this week's rankings (with last week's ranking in parentheses):

  1. Winnipeg (1), 6-1: Another win provides more evidence this team is legitimate. Week 8 BYE.
  2. Montreal (3), 5-2: Whacked Edmonton in every phase of the game; this was perhaps the most dominating performance of any CFL team this season. Week 8 BYE.
  3. Calgary (4), 5-2. It took seven weeks, but the Stamps look like the team they were expected to be. Week 8 BYE.
  4. Edmonton (2), 5-2. Back-to-back losses at the hands of the top teams from the East loudly and clearly indicate the Eskimos’ 5-0 start was a mirage. Week 8 vs British Columbia.
  5. Hamilton (5), 4-3. The TiCats scored a lot of points, but they did so against the dreadful Argonauts. Week 8 BYE.
  6. British Columbia (6), 1-6. The Lions did not look good against Winnipeg. Week 8 at Edmonton.
  7. Saskatchewan (7), 1-6. No way this team will lose the Grey Cup championship game three years in a row. Week 8 at Toronto.
  8. Toronto (8), 1-6. The holes in this boat keep getting bigger and more numerous. Week 8 vs Saskatchewan.

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