Monday, August 08, 2011

Will Rick Perry replace George Bush...again?

You've got to hand it to Texas governor Rick Perry. He knows how to drag out the inevitable, and to his benefit.

Mr. Perry is expected to make official in a few days what has been expected for several weeks -- he intends to run for President of the United States.

As the New York Times reports, Mr. Perry won't use the "I am running" words when he is in South Carolina and New Hampshire this weekend but there's little doubt what his intentions are.
Mr. Perry, who has been inching closer to declaring his candidacy for weeks, is expected to stop short of making a formal announcement. But appearing before Republican crowds in the two early-voting states was intended to clear up any lingering questions about his plans.
“With President Obama’s dismal economic record and Texas’ success in creating jobs and balancing our budget, Governor Perry continues to consider a potential run for The White House,” said Mark Miner, a spokesman for Mr. Perry, who declined to elaborate on the timing of any announcement. “Stay tuned.”
The decision by Mr. Perry is likely to roil the Republican presidential nominating contest. His actions were first reported by Politico on Monday afternoon.
Mr. Perry replaced George Bush when Mr. Bush became the nation's 43rd president. Now, Mr. Perry would like to become the 45th man to occupy the nation's highest political office.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney also would like to become the next president, and the Wall Street Journal notes that the specter of a Perry candidacy was already evident on his campaign stops.

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