Saturday, August 20, 2011

Winnipeg still rules the CFL roost

Of course, when a team enjoys its bye week, it's hard to be replaced at the top of the CFL power rankings.

Here are this week's rankings (with last week's in parentheses):

  1. Winnipeg (1), 6-1: An important East Division game follows the Blue Bombers bye. Week 9 vs Hamilton.
  2. Montreal (2), 5-2: A Grey Cup preview? Could be. Week 9 at Calgary.
  3. Calgary (3), 5-2. A Grey Cup preview? Could be. Week 9 vs Montreal.
  4. Hamilton (5), 4-3. The offense didn’t exist during the TiCats first two games; that has changed. Week 9 at Winnipeg.
  5. British Columbia (6), 2-6. They’ve beaten two dreadful teams; at some point, the Lions will have to prove they can beat a real team. Week 9 BYE.
  6. Edmonton (4), 5-3. Two straight weeks of awful offense; after the bye week, two straight games against Calgary. Uh, oh. Week 9 BYE.
  7. Toronto (8), 2-6. The Argonauts will not lose a game this week; that will be two weeks in a row. Week 9 BYE.
  8. Saskatchewan (7), 1-7. The Roughriders hope their former coach brings back their former winning ways. Week 9 BYE.

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