Thursday, September 01, 2011

President Obama, Speaker Boehner and NFL Commissioner Goodell...

...had a three-way conversation, and it went like this.

Boehner: "I don't care that you are the President of the United States. You are not addressing Congress on the same night my Republicans are debating in California."

Obama: "John, do you really think I picked the same date on purpose?"

Boehner: "Yes, Bo, I do."

Goodell: "Uh, Mr. Boehner, did you just refer to the president by his dog's name?"

Boehner: "Hey, I still respect the man. And, of course, the office he holds."

Obama: "Good. Then that means I can have Sept. 7."

Boehner: "Yeah, right. I'd let Moammar Qaddafi in here that night before I'd let you in."

Obama: "I can see where this is going. So, then let's move it to Sept. 8."

Goodell: "Hey! That's the season-opening game between the Saints and the Packers. No way you can have that night."

Boehner: "Keep pounding on him, Roger. He'll cave in. Eventually. He always does."

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