Monday, September 05, 2011

The weekly CFL power rankings

It's unusual for a team to lose -- especially badly -- but to retain the top spot in any power rankings. But that's what has happened this week, because while Winnipeg was blasted by Saskatchewan, the teams that could have replaced the Blue Bombers also were badly beaten.

Nevertheless, there have been big changes to this week's rankings. They follow (with last week's ranking in parentheses).

  1. Winnipeg (1), 7-2: The Blue Bombers laid their first egg. So remember: once is an accident, twice is a trend. They remain on top, however, because Calgary and Montreal also were blasted. Week 11 vs Saskatchewan.
  2. Hamilton (4), 5-4. The TiCats certainly sent a message to the Als on Labour Day. Can they do it again? If they do, they’ll be thinking about catching the Blue Bombers. Week 11 at Montreal.
  3. Calgary (2), 6-3: The early-season bugaboos returned in a pasting by the Eskimos. Once is an accident…. Week 11 at Edmonton.
  4. Edmonton (6), 6-3. You saw the Eskimos beating the Stampeders in Calgary? Uh, huh. Week 11 at Calgary.
  5. Montreal (3), 5-4. The Als are in third place. The championship-level play might be over. Week 11 vs Hamilton.
  6. British Columbia (5), 3-6. Another game with the Argonauts suggests another win is on its way. Week 11 vs Toronto.
  7. Saskatchewan (8), 2-7. The Roughriders manhandled Winnipeg at home; can they do it again on the road? Week 11 at Winnipeg.
  8. Toronto (7), 2-7. Does Jim Barker survive the season? Week 11 at British Columbia.

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