Monday, October 24, 2011

10 萬手機使用者嚴陣以待

10-million cellphone users are standing by.

China Mobile says it has 10-million people ready to use the new iPhone. But as Reuters reports, there is a catch.

China Mobile , the world's largest mobile carrier by subscribers, has 10 million iPhone users even though it does not yet have an agreement with iPhone maker Apple , its chairman told Reuters on Monday.

Wang Jianzhou also said Apple had promised to make an iPhone compatible with China Mobile's TD-LTE standard when its next-generation model comes out. He could not say when this would happen.

"We have not yet got agreement with Apple," Wang said on the fringes of the ITU World telecoms fair in Geneva. "Apple promised to provide, when they develop the iPhone for LTE, that it will include TD-LTE. We are discussing the details."
Perhaps it's a coincidence, but the news led to both China Mobile and Apple's stock prices to rise on Monday.

By way of comparison, Apple sold an estimated four million of the new iPhone 4S over the first weekend it was available in the U.S.

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