Saturday, October 29, 2011

Essayer de voler, Air France? Il pourrait être difficile.

Trying to fly Air France? It might be tough.

AFP reports that up to 20 percent of all Air France flights will not happen beginning on Sunday. The reason? An employee strike.
Air France cancelled 20 percent of its scheduled flights Saturday due to a strike by cabin crew expected to last five days, including a major national holiday.
Some 200 out of 1,000 scheduled flights were cancelled, a company spokeswoman told AFP, after two of three unions representing flight attendants called the action to protest plans to reduce the number of crew on each flight.
In a statement published on its website, Air France said that "its customers are being held hostage by a five-day strike for which there is no reason."
Granted, Air France is trying to gain public-relations leverage, but the use of the term "hostage" is, in my opinion, a poor one. That strategy needs to be reconsidered.

RFI notes that the timing of the strike is not accidental.
The strike, which comes during a two-week school holiday when many families take a break, is scheduled to start on Saturday 29 October and last until Wednesday 2 November.
Perhaps Air France ought to consider tapping into the anger that French citizens who are losing their vacation plans are feeling at this point. 

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