Sunday, October 23, 2011

François Hollande reste au sommet des élections présidentielles en France

Francois Hollande remains atop the presidential polls in France.

While voters in the U.S. are thinking about moving to the right, voters in France are thinking about moving to the left. The Telegraph reports that Socialist presidential candidate Francois Hollande remains the preferred choice in the latest French election polls.
In the first round of a two-stage election to be held six months from now, Mr Hollande would win 39 per cent of votes, up eight percentage points from three weeks ago, while Mr Sarkozy would have 24 per cent, up three points, the LH2 poll for Yahoo said.
Sixty per cent of those polled would back Mr Hollande in a head-to-head contest with Mr Sarkozy in the second round, according to the survey. This was unchanged since May apart from a dip in September.
Mr Hollande has benefited from the interest generated by the competition to choose a leader of the Socialist party, which he won last Sunday, as well as his popularity among younger voters aged 18-34, LH2 said.
"In the wake of Francois Hollande's success, the Left is becoming the leading political force," LH2 said.

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