Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some common sense from Nevada

In a political environment in which practicality seems to be dying, a decision made today by the Republican Party in Nevada needs to be celebrated.

As the Associated Press reports, that state has moved back its caucus from mid-January until early February.
Nevada Republicans decided Saturday to shift the date of the state’s presidential caucuses to Feb. 4 and avoid penalties from the national party for meddling with the election calendar. ...

But the change [from the original February to January] jumbled the election calendar and led New Hampshire to threaten to move its contest to the December holiday season. Some candidates raised the possibility they would stay away from Nevada unless the date was moved.
Nevada’s January date also risked violating national party rules on nominating contests and the state could have lost delegates to the convention next year.
More than 200 members of the state party, meeting in Las Vegas, overwhelmingly agreed to return the caucuses to February.
Yes, Nevada's Republican leaders were bowing to real political pressure; I'm not suggesting their decision was based solely on doing the right thing.

With Nevada now getting out of the way, the expectation is that the New Hampshire primary will be scheduled for the second week of January, with Jan. 10 the likely date.

The Republican presidential candidate who might be celebrating today's announcement loudest is Herman Cain, who on Friday won a straw poll in Nevada.

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