Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What does development mean to you?

This week, a guest speaker from the Power of 32 organization spoke to two of my classes. She noted that one of the many difficulties in bringing together the disparate groups of politicians, for-profit industries and non-profit agencies is that they often don't speak the same language.

For example, she asked the students to consider the definition of "development." Then she told them that each of those aforementioned groups would define it differently.

For one, development means fundraising.

For another, it means building or constructing.

For yet another, it means training and supporting the professional growth of employees.

So, what does development mean to you? Yes, it means all of the definitions that I briefly described above. But I think the answer you provide suggests the kind of professional environment in which you might be most comfortable.

By the way, you should take the time to examine what the Power of 32 group is doing. And if you live in one of the 32 counties in which it is striving to develop a dialogue, then you should consider how you might get involved.

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