Monday, November 07, 2011

Censorship in Seattle!

Congratulations to the "leaders" of Seattle's public high schools. They are demonstrating a remarkable understanding and appreciation for the First Amendment.

Check out what the Seattle Times reports:
The proposed policy would give principals the authority to review high-school newspapers before they are published and would allow them to stop publication if they deem material to be libelous, obscene or "not in keeping with the school's instructional mission and values," among other criteria.
The proposal was introduced along with dozens of other policy updates at last week's School Board meeting, and it has since been debated on various neighborhood blogs.
Two top editors at the Ballard High School paper, The Talisman, spent the weekend posting signs around the school titled "Student 1st Amendment Rights at Risk."
The board will vote on the proposal Dec. 7.
Late next week, I am attending the Journalism Education Association's fall convention. Do you think what is taking place in Seattle (which is the host of the spring 2012 JEA convention) will be discussed?

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