Thursday, November 10, 2011

A few final thoughts (at least for now) on the Penn State scandal

From the news of Jerry Sandusky's arrest through the dismissal of Joe Paterno:

1. There has been significant media attention directed at the decision to can Paterno because that was the controversy of the moment

2. The most powerful stories associated with this scandal have yet to be told; they will be told by the young men who say they were sexually assaulted by Sandusky when they were boys

3. Penn State's Board of Trustees needs a significant lesson in crisis management

4. The students who rioted on Wednesday night deserve neither our attention nor our regard

5. An 84-year-old man who has served one institution so well for more than six decades should not be learned he's been fired through a late-night phone call; you fire him by having the guts to tell him to his face

6. Sandusky is still innocent

7. There are far too many sports anchors interested in what Paterno's legacy will be; that story cannot be written now

8. If only one phone call had been someone, anyone...and to any police agency

9. Let's be very careful in assuming that there was some deliberate attempt on the part of various Penn State leaders to ignore what they had been told was taking place; however, if we learn there was...yikes.

10. I support any attempt by Penn State's players to boycott the remainder of the season; on any number of levels, such actions could be supported.

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