Friday, November 11, 2011

George Will should do exactly what Michelle Norris did

But something tells me the syndicated political columnist and analyst is far too self-important to do it.

You might recall that Ms. Norris stepped down from her duties as host of NPR's "All Things Considered" because her husband was taking on an adviser role with the Obama administration. In her mind, anything less than that would have left her wide open to conflict of interest criticism.

Politico reports that Mr. Will's wife is now working for Texas governor Rick Perry.
Columnist George Will's wife recently signed on as an adviser to Texas governor Rick Perry, a campaign spokesman confirmed today.

Will's wife, Mari Maseng, is a former communications director to both Ronald Reagan and Bob Dole, and helped Perry prepare for his most recent disastrous debate performance. Will, who has made no secret of his distaste for Perry rival Mitt Romney, plans to disclose the connection this Sunday on ABC and in future Washington Post columns, according to Post editor Fred Hiatt.

Journalist’s spouses are often a touchy issue. Last month, NPR host Michele Norris took temporary leave from her job because her husband Broderick Johnson accepted a senior advisor position with the Obama campaign.

“There was no relationship between his wife and any campaign the last time he wrote a column on the campaign, or any aspect of the campaign,” Hiatt said. “This developed after the last column that was two weeks ago. He has never written a column while there was a relationship between his wife and the campaign.”

Will has however had multiple columns within the last two weeks. His most recent column for the Post appeared on November 9. A column about GOP debates appeared November 4, and column that disparaged Perry’s competitor Mitt Romney as “the pretzel candidate” appeared on November 2.
The same Politico story also reports that Mr. Will has criticized Gov. Perry during various television appearances.

So, I'm just wondering -- if he refuses to step down, will anyone on the right have the guts to publicly tell him what he should do?

That was my thought, too.

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