Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I want my...I want my...I want my...


No, it doesn't quite roll off the tongue the way the "MTV" ending once did. More importantly, the difference between China Central Television and Music Television never will be confused.

The Financial Times reports on CCTV's plans to expand its global outreach.
China’s state-owned broadcaster has launched an aggressive international push to extend the country’s influence, opening a new headquarters in Washington that will broadcast English-language programming from the heart of the US capital.
China Central Television, which produces the ruling Communist party’s news shows and other propaganda programmes, is constructing a studio in Washington which will serve as its US broadcasting centre. It aims to begin broadcasting from the site by the middle of 2012 and produce up to six hours of original programming a day, according to people familiar with the plans. 
CCTV has also built a studio facility in Nairobi, from where it will broadcast its English-language channel in Africa, and plans to open a broadcasting centre in Europe, according to several people briefed on the plans.
“They have a very ambitious plan to increase distribution of their English language channel,” said one person familiar with the broadcaster’s expansion strategy. “But they don’t want to go public with their plans until they’re ready.” CCTV did not respond to questions about the global expansion.
The push comes as the ruling Communist party counters what it sees as the negative image of China spread by Western media.
Nothing like tackling that image squarely where you believe it exists -- Washington.

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