Saturday, November 19, 2011

Marine Le Pen propose sa vision d'avenir de la France

Marine Le Pen offers her vision of France's future.

And that vision looks nothing like that of incumbent president Nicolas Sarkozy and his Socialist challenger Francois Hollande.

As the Associated Press reports, Ms. Le Pen believes France needs to exit the European Union.

During a speech that lasted more than an hour, Le Pen hammered home the traditional promises of her Front National party: strengthening France, preserving family values, fighting immigration and rejecting globalization.

"French interest before everything, above everything," she told the crowd.
But on the economy, she was surprisingly silent, putting off until January her plan for reducing France's debts. Le Pen and the front have always advocated a more isolationist path for France -- policies that could gain traction as Europe's debt crisis continues to swallow more countries.

The Voice of America suggests that Ms. Le Pen's message might play well in France, where there are legitimate concerns that France could become the next European country to face a debt crisis that already has hit other Western European nations.

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