Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Perhaps you will have Herman Cain to kick around some more?

Despite sagging poll numbers and lingering questions about his personal conduct, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain says he isn't dropping out of the race.

As the New York Times reports, Mr. Cain suggested that the "character assassination" against him will not lead deter him from moving forward.
A buoyant and defiant Herman Cain took the stage in a hotel ballroom on Wednesday morning to reassure a group of several hundred supporters that he would not be getting out of the race for the Republican nomination, saying, “The American people are going to raise some Cain in 2012!”
Over a roar of approval from the crowd, he added: “They want you to believe that we can’t do this. They want you to believe that with enough character assassination on me, I will drop out!”
At this point, there were loud shouts of “No!” from the audience.
Mr. Cain seemed emboldened. “Well, the American people have a different idea.”
After a more subdued performance and reception by an audience in southern Michigan last night, Mr. Cain seemed to have regained his footing in Ohio, campaigning as more of his usual playful and sarcastic self.
Meanwhile, CBS News notes that Mr. Cain also introduced a map that he says outlines where the U.S. can find friends, foes and everything in between. And he also unveiled a new campaign advertisement in Iowa.

This boisterous attitude, demonstration of international politics and political advertising makes for good news coverage, but it doesn't erase the questions mentioned above -- declining popular support and an image suggesting he's been less than gentlemanly.

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