Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The tuition keeps going up!

The Los Angeles Times reports that trustees of the California State University system have done it again -- authorized a large tuition increase. And again the reason was crystal clear -- they had no choice.
At a meeting in Long Beach marked by violent disruptions, the California State University Board of Trustees on Wednesday voted narrowly to increase annual tuition by 9%, or $500, for next fall. With the increase, annual tuition for undergraduates will rise to just under $6,000.  
The 9 to 6 vote was taken behind closed doors and out of public view after police removed chanting, whistle-blowing protesters from the meeting room. Several protesters were taken into custody after a group tried to storm the meeting room, shattering a glass door.
The Associated Press adds that three people were arrested during the protest.

This story is one that plays out like a broken record -- states are broke, so governors cut funding across the board, leading colleges and universities to hike tuition at a rate that far exceeds inflation, and people protest.

You'll unfortunately see it again. Soon.

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