Sunday, November 20, 2011

Uh, oh. It's time to say the "f'" word

You knew it was coming.

You knew that a group of politicians gathered to come up with ways to cut the federal deficit would...

The New York Times reports that some members of that committee are admitting what most of us already expected: They can't get a deal done.
Conceding that talks on a grand budget deal are near failure, Congressional leaders on Sunday pointed fingers at each other as they tried to deflect blame for their inability to figure out a way to lower the federal deficit without having to rely on automated cuts. 
Indeed, members of Congress appear quite good and blaming the other side and getting little done. And as Reuters notes, the "f" word could be official as early as tomorrow.

The announcement of failure would come on Monday, aides from the Republican and Democratic camps told Reuters on Sunday, shortly after several lawmakers on the bipartisan 12-member "super committee" cast strong doubts about a deal on the Sunday talk shows.

On NBC's "Meet the Press" program, neither Republican Senator Jon Kyl nor Democratic Senator John Kerry gave any indication a deal was near. After months of working together on the panel, they each stuck to their parties' entrenched positions and blamed the other side for the deadlock.

Their antagonism bolstered the belief that failure was the most likely outcome as the clock ticks toward the Wednesday midnight deadline for the panel to vote on a package of at least $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade.

The failure for the committee of six Republicans and six Democrats, created in the wake of the bruising battle over the debt ceiling last summer, could cement American voters' and global investors' notions of a dysfunctional Washington.
Could cement? Could?

Yes, less listen over the next couple days as the dreadful blame game is played. Just don't listen closely because it is an act you've heard before.

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