Thursday, December 01, 2011

The CFL 2012 season... about seven months away. And that makes it the perfect time to take a first look at the optimistic scenarios for all eight teams:

British Columbia: The Lions remain hungry + avoid injuries + watch Travis Lulay and Arland Bruce become the league's top QB-WR team = Win the 100th Grey Cup game

Edmonton: The Eskimos continue to build + the constant (Fred) Stamps of approval + prove that 2011 was no fluke = Play BC for the West championship

Calgary: Drew Tate shows he can handle the starting QB role + the hunger returns + a fresh face or two enlivens the defense = Return to the top of the West

Saskatchewan: Andy Fantuz plays 18 games + a new coach means a new attitude + the defense figures out what it's doing = a minimum 10-8 season

Winnipeg: The offense gets an upgrade + 2011 was not a fluke + the remaining East teams remain unsteady = Hosting the East final

Montreal: Anthony Calvillo looks 28, not 38 + offensive creativity continues despite Scott Milanovich leaving + the breaks go the Alouettes way = A date in the 100th Grey Cup game

Hamilton: A consistent QB steps up + the young offensive talent continues to develop + a long losing streak is avoided = A legitimate chance to get to the Grey Cup

Toronto: Milanovich provides coaching stability + the defense tightens up + the franchise gets a pulse = 9-9 and a chance at the post-season.


Furious George said...

Hey...where did that Lulay guy play college ball? :)

Furious George said...

Hey...where did that Lulay guy play college ball?

Anthony Moretti said...

The answer would not be Montana :-)