Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas shopping

It never (excuse me) fails to amaze me (why am I getting that dirty look?) how people act at this time (hey, isn't that...?) of year as they do their holiday shopping.

For some reason (slam the brakes), commonsense often goes (hey, you just cut me off) out the window as people rush (oh, now you are slowing down) to get too many things done.

Of course, (hey, I was looking at that first) if we would all remember (yeah, right back at you, wise guy) to be a little more patient, then we (how many people are in this line!) might appreciate what we are doing (if the kid doesn't play with this game, I'll shove it down his throat) and for whom we are doing it.

More importantly, if we'd remember that Christmas is not an orgy of gift giving but rather a celebration of Christ's birth, then we'd really have our priorities in order.

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