Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dear Iowa, please don't

I read with stunned disbelief a story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette noting that Rick Santorum has moved into third place in the latest CNN poll in advance of the Iowa caucuses.

USA Today examines why Mr. Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator, has made a late surge.
The surprise is the upward movement by Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator who has won the backing of social and Christian conservatives who play a key role in the Iowa caucuses. He now has 16% support from likely GOP caucusgoers -- up 11 percentage points since the beginning of the month in the CNN/Time/ORC International survey.
Mitt Romney continues to lead with Ron Paul right behind him.

I make a plea to the good people of Iowa -- please don't do it. Don't give the Santorum campaign the oxygen it needs.

And in case you hadn't noticed in the aforementioned stories, Newt Gingrich is beginning to slip-slide away. If that continues, he'll join Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Herman Cain as potential or actual candidates who turned into fireworks -- made a big noise, rose high into the sky, looked good and then faded away in a puff of smoke.

Is Mr. Santorum's firework about to be lit?

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