Sunday, December 04, 2011

The final BCS bowls projections (UPDATED!)

1st UPDATE: 8:33 a.m. EST: Good news...that is, if you believe that Kansas State should be in the BCS. CBS Sports' Jerry Palm is predicting that K-State (or Baylor) will be selected for the Sugar Bowl because TCU will not be ranked high enough to qualify. Likewise, USA Today is projecting that it will be Michigan and Kansas State in the Sugar Bowl. Meanwhile, somewhere on ESPN's Website there are sure to be updated projections; but if you can find them in that mish-mash of information, then good luck to you. 

ORIGINAL POST: Away we go:

FIESTA: Oklahoma State vs Stanford: Presuming the teams are 3rd and 4th (respectively) in the BCS final standings, this is the second-best bowl game. Right? Uh, no. First guess: Oklahoma State 45, Stanford 24.

ORANGE: Clemson vs West Virginia. Does the Mountaineers appearance as the Big East champion make it more or less likely that conference leaders jettison them to the Big 12? First guess: Clemson 24, West Virginia 17.

ROSE: Oregon vs Wisconsin. Can the Badgers avoid a second consecutive Rose Bowl loss? Nope. First guess: Oregon 38, Wisconsin 34.

SUGAR: Michigan vs TCU. This is what happens when you get two SEC teams in the national championship game. Am I the only one hoping that one of these teams fails to qualify thus setting up Kansas State to get in? First guess: TCU 24, Michigan 21.

BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP: LSU vs Alabama. Yes, the rematch. And let's face it, folks: These are the two best teams in college football. First guess: LSU 17, Alabama 14.

Of course if the voters get a hankering to punish the SEC for its greatness and successfully orchestrates Oklahoma State's ascension to the second spot, then the games would look like this:

FIESTA: Kansas State vs Stanford.

ORANGE: Clemson vs West Virginia.

ROSE: Oregon vs Wisconsin.

SUGAR: Alabama vs TCU.


You might not like the SEC. You might wish to have a team from any other conference win the national championship. But there is no denying that the two best teams in the country are from the SEC. So, wait until next year, my friends. Any team other than Alabama in that game is a travesty.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think Fiesta will take kansas state over michigan (if they qualify)