Sunday, December 18, 2011

If the NFL post-season began right now...

...then the teams would be lined up like this:

1 Baltimore
2 New England
3 Houston
4 Denver
5 Pittsburgh
6 New York

1 Green Bay
2 New Orleans
3 San Francisco
4 Dallas
5 Atlanta
6 Detroit

Taking it a step further, the playoffs could go like this:

AFC Wild Card round
6 New York over 3 Houston (lack of Matt Schaub is going to doom the Texans, and quickly)
5 Pittsburgh over 4 Denver (the Broncos inexperience will be a big factor

NFC Wild Card round
3 San Francisco over 6 Detroit (the coaches handshake might be more interesting than the game)
4 Dallas over 5 Atlanta (although if the Falcons get a clue...)

AFC Divisional round
1 Baltimore over 6 New York (Joe Namath can't help the Jets this time)
3 Pittsburgh over 2 New England (blood will flow)

NFC Divisional round
1 Green Bay over 4 Dallas (Cowboys are too inconsistent to win more than one postseason game)
2 New Orleans over 3 San Francisco (a great offense tests a great defense)

AFC Championship Game
3 Pittsburgh over 1 Baltimore (gut feeling, that's all)

NFC Championship Game
2 New Orleans over 1 Green Bay (a great offense tests an average defense)

New Orleans over Pittsburgh

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