Wednesday, December 14, 2011

If a person's value can be measured... the tributes offered after his (or her) passing, then Patrick Millard was a super guy.

I've overheard and read multiple tributes offered by his friends and his students since his untimely death a couple days ago. Whether those people speak of him as a mentor, teacher, artist, friend, colleague, photographer or creative force, they tell of a man who had a ferocious spirit, a brilliant mind and a wonderful personality.

I knew Patrick for only about 15 months, dating to when he joined our faculty in September of last year. Gathering the details of what others have said about him has helped me know him better than I did. Fifteen months is such a brief time, and I had only begun to scratch the surface of the kind of person Patrick Millard was.

I noted earlier today that the fluorescent light located on the ceiling outside my friend's door was not working. Somehow that seems appropriate -- a bright light for so many people has gone dark. But for those who really knew, liked or loved Patrick, that light will never go out.

To all of you, thank you for letting me learn more about him.

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