Saturday, December 03, 2011

Imagine Gus Johnson providing play-by-play of...

1. A wedding ("And here she comes...decked out in that gorgeous dress. Just LOOK at her!")

2. A political debate ("He didn't answer that question! Will his opponent allow him to get away with that?" NO!"

3. A book signing ("She's got that marker ready to go. There goes her BOLD signature!")

4. A chef at Benihana ("The smoke. The flames. That gleaming knife. He's cutting RIGHT THROUGH that chicken!")

5. A college math lecture ("And you are solving for 'x.' That's the BIG integer!")

6. Congress ("That is one MAD senator, right there. He can't wait to tell his colleague from New York where HE can go!")

7. A symphony performance ("And the crowd is ready! Will the big finish make them happy? YYYEEESSS!")

8. A guy using a snow blower ("He's got the snow blower ready to go! It fires up on the first pull. And THERE GOES the white stuff...totally OUT OF THE WAY!")

9. Moretti's reaction to the unveiling of the new Toronto Blue Jays logo ("Look at his face. Look at THAT SMILE! Yes, indeed, Canada's version of the red, white and blue has Moretti SMILING BIG AND BRIGHT!")

For those who don't know Johnson, he is perhaps the most excited (but contained) play-by-play announcer on network television. If you've listened to him, you know of what I'm referring. If I haven't, then check him out on FOX.

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