Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Pac-12 and Big 10...bigger and better than ever

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Pac-12 and Big 10 conferences are forging a deeper alliance that will go far beyond its almost annual Rose Bowl battle.
The leagues Wednesday jointly announced a massive collaboration that will increase athletic competition across multiple platforms for all 24 schools.

Plans include a preseason game at the Rose Bowl, possibly as soon as 2013 or 2014, involving schools from each conference.

"The Rose Bowl is interested, both conferences are interested," Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said. "There are no details yet, but it's fair to say you'll see it in some form or faction."

The goal by 2017 is for each Pac-12 school to play a Big Ten school on its nonconference football schedule.

Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany also said he would be interested in a neutral-site game in the Midwest.
The New York Times adds that the partnership will go far beyond football.
Starting in 2017, each team from the Pac-12 and the Big Ten will play a team from the other league in football each season, and the conferences will also begin to play each other extensively in other sports starting as soon as next season.
The Big Ten commissioner, Jim Delany, said the essential idea was to create some of the benefits of conference expansion —  greater reach, increased brand recognition and more quality games —  without actually expanding. Delany called Larry Scott, the Pac-12 commissioner, about the idea in the summer and the plan crystallized through a series of meetings between athletic directors and university presidents, the last of which was in New York in December. The two leagues have their own television networks and share more than a century of history tied to the Rose Bowl.
Good stuff.

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