Thursday, December 08, 2011

The rich get richer...

...and that's not a good thing for Major League Baseball.

Yes, I'm about to get on my soap box; so, if you don't like it when I do that, then you should stop reading right now.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have signed two prized free agents, Albert Pujols and C. J. Wilson. The combined contracts are for 15 years and more than $320-million.

Let's face it, few teams in the majors could have offered that kind of money to just two players.

The various baseball analysts will soon jump into the conversation as they determine whether the signings propel the Angels to the "best in the American League" status. But their rants (or more likely raves) for the decision by Angels' owner Arne Moreno to commit that kind of money will come with little substantive commentary about the economics of baseball being out of whack.

Absent a system akin to a hard salary cap, teams with deep-pocket owners and located in the large media markets will continue to become home to the league's best players. In doing so, those teams will continue to have the best chances of winning the World Series.

No, those deep pockets do not guarantee success, but they do guarantee a consistently better chance of getting to the playoffs.

That imbalance is not good for the game.

Okay, I'm done.

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Kevin Calhoun said...

Is there any real way to fix it though? I feel like we're stuck in this trend, there's just no way, even in a collective bargaining situation, that the players would ever agree to a hard cap. I just don't see a solution which is unfortunate.