Monday, December 12, 2011

Ricky Ray moves to (sort of) eastern CA

Ricky Ray's boat has come in. Sort of.

The quarterback was traded today from the Edmonton Eskimos to the Toronto Argonauts. The Globe and Mail reports the Argos gave up a lot to get Ray.
The Toronto Argonauts have traded quarterback Steven Jyles for Ricky Ray, according to a report.
The Argos have reportedly agreed to a deal which will bring the 32-year-old Edmonton Eskimos quarterback to Toronto in exchange for Toronto starter Jyles, along with kicker Grant Shaw, and a third-round draft pick.
The Edmonton Journal takes a look at Ray's career as an Eskimo.

Jyles likely will be the next starting quarterback in Edmonton, which made to the West Division final in 2011 before losing to British Columbia. Jyles is three years younger than Ray, and he also is a more mobile quarterback.

At first glance, I think the Eskimos got the better end of the deal. But keep in mind that with the East Division being somewhat unsettled, Ray could lead the Argos to the same kind of improvement that was on display in Edmonton. He'll also be working with new head coach Scott Milanovich, who was the offensive coordinator in Montreal for multiple seasons.

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