Sunday, December 18, 2011

A scary moment at a high school football game

It's become a tradition for football coaches to get a Gatorade bath if their team wins a big game. But as CBS reports, what happened at the end of a high school championship game on Saturday night in Texas was something that can never be repeated again.
A runaway electric cart raced unmanned from an end zone to midfield at Cowboys Stadium and ploughed into several people, bowling over the winning head coach and others after a Texas high school championship game Saturday night.

An emergency medical technician who declined identification by name told the Associated Press that one man who was conscious and talking was taken to a hospital with an apparent leg injury. The Arlington medical technician said he had no further information on the man's condition but he said others hit or grazed by the cart were checked out by emergency workers onfield as a precaution.
Separately, a Texas sporting league official said a male staffer also was injured, not seriously, when the pilotless cart raced across field after the Texas 5A Division II football championship game. That official also declined identification.
The electric-powered cart toppled Spring Dekaney coach Willie Amendola, who was being interviewed near the Cowboys midfield star, along with several others clustered about moments after Dekaney had beaten Cibolo Steele 34-14. Hundreds of people were scattered about the field or were still in the stands at the time.
And here you can watch the cart as it rolls into and then knocks down multiple people.

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