Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Sweet 16

The following list first appeared on my Facebook page about two years ago. It reflects my favorite 16 sports stadiums/arenas in which I've seen a game:

16. Milan Puskar Stadium: WVU knows loud football
15. Dedeaux Field: Home of my favorite college baseball team
14. The Ballpark at Arlington: One of the first "retro" ballparks
13. Metrodome: I know, I know; hey, I like Minneapolis
12. Pauley Pavilion: The facility has seen better days, but it's got history
11. Yager Stadium: Miami of Ohio is one of the most picturesque college campuses in the country
10. Madison Square Garden: Think of the history of the place
9. Michie Stadium: Go Army, Beat Navy!
8. Ohio Stadium: When it's loud, wow.
7. Beaver Stadium: Someday, it will be Joe Paterno Field at Beaver Stadium
6. Yankee Stadium (the old one): Come on, too much history
5. Dodger Stadium: When the blue skies cut through the smog, the view is stunning
4. Friedman Field: On the St. Francis High School campus; a school I will always hold close to my heart
3. PNC Park: Hey, Pittsburgh is home; check out the view at night
2. LA Memorial Coliseum: Sure, visually it isn't much, but the history of the place always draws me in
1. The Rose Bowl: On January 1, I'm convinced that is what Heaven could be like.

Your thoughts on any of these on this list or of any of your favorites are welcomed!

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