Friday, December 30, 2011

Thanks, Lexington!!

My wife and I hit the road this morning, heading home (with a stop at my in-laws to pick up the boys, of course) after a three-day mini-vacation in Lexington, Kentucky.

And we leave here with plenty of good memories.

We enjoyed the Holiday Lights at the Kentucky Horse Park...

...alright, my wife liked going there a wee-bit more than I did.

But then again I'm sure she'd tell you that there were at least two stops that were favored FAR MORE by me. If you think college football...

...and basketball... would be correct!

Of course, the art, culture, history and the generous and warm people who live here are unforgettable.

We drove out of the downtown/UK area the other day and saw miles and miles of horse farms. I read later that there are more than 500 such farms in the immediate area. Perhaps the only thing that saddened us was to see the number of "For Sale" signs at the entrances.

On the advice of a friend, we also drove the historic road from Lexington to Paris. It's worth every one of the approximate 14 miles.

So, Lexington, thank you. I hope I get the chance to visit again soon.

Happy New Year...and Go Big Blue!

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