Thursday, December 22, 2011

The top international stories of 2011

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10.  Ratko Mladic is arrested. The former Bosnian army strong man is arrested for war crimes and shipped off to The Hague.

9. Southern Sudan votes for independence, becomes its own nation. What, you don't like democracy?

8. Israel and Hamas complete a prisoner swap. The face of this political move is Gilad Shilat, an Israeli soldier held captive for more than four years.

7. Terrorism remains a political tool. Whether it was in Russia, Iraq, Norway, Somalia or elsewhere, demented people reminded us that fear is a weapon unless good people refuse to be afraid.

6. Natural disasters. The Philippines, Cambodia, Brazil and other places receive blasts from Mother Nature that lead to well over 2,000 people dying.

5. Iraq. The last of the American troops is gone, but Shiite versus Sunni strife is not. Neighboring Iran likes it that way.

4. The fall of the tyrants. Some went into exile. Some went to prison. Some went to the grave.

3. The Euro crisis. If the U.S. is to have a real chance of economic growth in 2012 and China is not pulled into an economic slowdown, then Europe's economic ills had better be solved.

2. The Japanese earthquake and tsunami. The outpouring of support from almost every corner of the globe validated our shared humanity. Japan still has a long way to go to rebuild.

1. The Arab Spring. No, we don't know at this point if the movement can sustain itself into 2012, but would anyone have imagined the pace of political turnover at the beginning of this year?

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