Thursday, January 05, 2012

As well it should

European Voice notes that a European Union task force has been asked to study Hungary's media law.
The Commission asked Hungary to change the law back in January 2010. The Commission had expressed concern that the law failed to comply with provisions of the EU's audiovisual media services directive on balanced coverage and fair requirements for media registration. It also raised concerns that the law infringed press freedom provisions under the EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights.
Commission officials also reiterated concerns over other aspects of Hungary's revised constitution, warning they could be “incompatible” with EU law and European democratic values.
Olivier Bailly, a Commission spokesman, said the Commission had undertaken a legal assessment of 30 laws introduced as part of the revised constitution.
He said the Commission “will decide in the coming days or weeks when or if there is an infringement". He added that the Commission "will act in order to make sure the Hungarian law is in line with EU treaties”.
The Hungarian government also has been battling the International Monetary Fund in conversations about an aid package the country needs.

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