Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A date with the EU

The group of nine students who I am supervising this week at The Washington Center's politics and media academic seminar have a date later today with the European Union.

You're probably thinking that 'Moretti cannot wait to get there.' Turns out you know me pretty well!

The EU's Washington office is the equivalent of an embassy, and its approximate 80 employees include about 30 diplomats. According to the information sheet my students and I received (and I don't know who authored this information; it was not provided),
The EU Delegation presents and explains EU policy to the U.S. Administration and to Congress, and analyzes and reports on the political, social, and economic situation in the U.S. to its headquarters in Brussels. Through its engagement with political actors, the media, academia, business circles, and civil society, the EU Delegation raises awareness of EU issues and concerns, and promotes the importance of the EU-U.S. relationship among the broader American public.
The importance of such a meeting ought to be obvious to see; the Euro crisis, the unsettled economic and political situation in at least two European nations, and the global economic partnerships that exist between Europe and North America contribute to making this visit relevant.

I don't know if the students are as excited about the visit, but I know I am.

I'll let you know what happens either later today or tomorrow.

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