Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting even does not allow you to lie

No, former Syracuse University assistant men's basketball coach Bernie Fine is not out of the woods yet, but one of the men who claimed Fine had sexually molested him has made a new claim today.

As the Associated Press reports, that new claim suggests the old claim was a lie.
A prison inmate who was one of four men to accuse a former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach of sexual abuse when they were children has admitted that he made up his claim.

The accuser, Floyd VanHooser, wrote in a letter that he lied to police and in December interviews with The Associated Press and The Post-Standard newspaper of Syracuse. He said he wanted to get back at the coach, Bernie Fine, because Fine did not hire a lawyer to help VanHooser fight a criminal conviction.
Fine had helped raise the 56-year-old VanHooser after his parents died.
Hope the man likes prison; he's likely to be staying there a little longer.

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