Thursday, January 12, 2012

Go Gabby Go!

One of the students whom I am supervising during this week's politics and media academic seminar offered through The Washington Center arranged a visit to Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords office.

Yes, I am like many people around the country who have become fans of Ms. Giffords as she continues her rehabilitation after a shooting in her home district one year ago.

Her presence in her office is palpable, even though she remains in Houston, where her rehabilitation is taking place.

Our group met with her legislative director, Peter Ambler, and her staff assistant.

What I didn't remember until someone pointed it out to the rest of us was that the staff assistant one year ago was the student-body president at the University of Arizona. Emily Fritze introduced her fellow student Daniel Hernandez, who likely saved Rep. Giffords life, at that event.

Mr. Ambler and Ms. Fritze spoke to us about their roles, how staffers operate and, of course, about Ms. Giffords and her recovery. There was no new information to report, nothing that can be considered newsworthy.

As we left, the three University of Arizona students in my group shared a moment with those aides.  I also took a moment for a picture.

Yes, I'll keep saying it: Go Gabby Go!

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