Wednesday, January 04, 2012

If it's happening in Pittsburgh...

...then it could happen elsewhere.

Except in this case, it isn't. And that's why the people at one Pittsburgh television station are not happy. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette explores what's happening (or not happening) in the 'Burgh.
Through Twitter, Facebook and printed materials, WTAE's on-air staff maintains it is being denied severance benefits for workers fired without cause, a minimum salary scale, overtime pay after eight hours in a work day, retirement benefits on the same terms as other employees at the station, and consideration for unscheduled call-outs, split shifts and work on the sixth consecutive day and thereafter.
The last term appears to be cited most often in workers' complaints.
"In recent times, management played games with the scheduling," said Bill Hillgrove, who is not a full-time Hearst employee but, in addition to being the voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers, provides WTAE with insider reports. A longtime sports figure at WTAE, he has become one of the major faces of this movement.
The campaign's printed materials also include the names and photos of some of WTAE's best-known talent, including news anchors Wendy Bell, Kelly Frey and Mike Clark.
An online petition is available at .
Michael Hayes, president and general manager of WTAE, said he could not comment other than to say, "We are negotiating in good faith and look forward to continuing those negotiations. We continue to value our employees and look to working toward the future."
To borrow a trite and boring television-news cliche, "we'll continue to monitor the story and bring you any developments as they happen."

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