Sunday, January 08, 2012

If Washington is broken...

...then why do so many lusting-for-power politicians want to be here?

If Washington is broken, then why do so many oh-so-satisfied politicians stay here?

If Washington is broken, then why don't the oh-so-smart and rich politicians go do something else?

In fact, I would argue that Washington is not broken. Rather, the halls of Congress, the White House and sundry federal agencies have become convenient punching bags. Once you accept an argument that Washington is a problem, then you are forced to engage in the bashing that takes place across the country.

I wonder, instead, if we would be wise to accept that greed, power lusting, cronyism and selfishness regularly exhibited by too many politicians, lobbyists and other people is, in fact, what is behind broken Washington.

Would we not be wise to spend some time at the National Mall, the Newseum and other places? There, we will find people who understand and appreciate the potential that has been shown and can still be shown by the people and institutions that are here. But that potential cannot be realized until we get past the aforementioned problems.

And please spare me the argument that it is the other side of the political aisle responsible for broken Washington. Republicans and Democrats share the blame. 

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